Recent Low-Energy Buildings

The construction of new low energy buildings includes ESM that are technical and require direct investment.

This category is specifically dedicated to recent constructions: low energy buildings built in the last 5 years, both individual and collective structures.
For the needs of this project, low energy buildings can be roughly defined as a building consuming less than 50 kWh of final energy /m2 of living surface for heating, ventilation and hot water.

The category examines the environmental, economic and social performance of the operating management and the running maintenance implemented on recent new low energy constructions. It also presents optimization scenarios for these buildings using the following methods:


  • A better prescription of the systems in the books of technical detailed specifications provided par the SHO in the call for tenders.
  • Improvements notwithstanding from the point of view of the energy and economic performances point of view.
  • Recommendations about the category of energy awareness measures to implement at the commissioning of the building.

We estimate that appropriate ESM targeting operation, maintenance and management could have a potential of savings of 7,5% of the current energy consumption of low energy buildings. This corresponds roughly to half of the difference between the expected consumption (calculated in the design phase) and the real observed consumption after several heating seasons.

WP7 Typology: Recent Low-Energy Buildings

WP7 Typology: Potential ESMs