Operating Management

“Operating management” gathers ESM that are non-technical and do not require direct investment.

Housing management can have a major influence on energy performance of a building stock. AFTER will investigate two dimensions of housing management relating to two different stakeholders:

  • Contractual relations with heating providers and facility management companies. E.g.: the contract with heating systems maintenance companies specifying a profit sharing scheme if contractual energy savings objectives are met.
  • Developing relationships with the end customer (the tenants or inhabitants) and promoting the energy awareness that is required to secure these contractual relations. Contractual relations with tenants are changing especially when tenants are asked to finance partly the investment for energy improvement of their dwellings. On the other turn them into actors of the energy performance. Among these measures we find: campaigns, energy monitoring, exhibitions and events, face-to-face advice…

    WP3 Typology: Operating Management

    WP3 Typology: Potential ESMs

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