Pilot Sites

AFTER partners have identified innovative energy saving measures experimented in the last five years to determine their potential use for the optimisation of participating Social Housing Organism building stocks.
The pilot sites have been chosen by the companies as a way to test and evaluate how these solutions can be adapted to different contexts.

The objective was to clearly establish a link between best practices and their implementation by a large number of housing organisations.

The pilot sites have been the laboratory used to quantify the efficiency and cost of every
energy saving measure employed
, and improve them from there. They allowed the proposed technical solutions to be confronted with a real integration by housing providers and tenants.

Every participating Social Housing Company has 3 pilot sites per country, offering a diverse variety of contexts in which to experiment the chosen measures.

Please click on a pilot site to acces the results of the AFTER project for this site.

AFTER Pilot Sites Map


Czech Republic


Pilot Site #1: JABURKOVE, Havirov

Pilot Site #2: UZAVRENA, Havirov
Pilot Site #3: TOLSTEHO, Havirov





Pilot Site #1: H20 COLLEGE, Herning


Pilot Site #2: LYSTRUP, Lystrup


Pilot Site #3: MARSLET, Marslet




Pilot Site #1: RAMEAUX, Lempdes








Pilot Site #3: WOHNART 3, Darmstadt




Pilot Site #1: RIESI, Orbassano


Pilot Site #2: PASSONI, Turin


Pilot Site #3: PICCO, Turin




Pilot Site #1: TR16, Trbovlje


Pilot Site #2: TFF2a, Trbovlje


Pilot Site #3: SSC9b, Trbovlje